Zach Cox

A&R Research Analyst, Elektra Music Group
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Zach Cox

Zach Cox graduated from Berklee in May 2018 with a double major in music production and engineering and music business/management. Currently he serves as an A&R research analyst for Elektra Music Group; he's the only data-oriented employee on the seven-person A&R team. His role involves analyzing music data from various platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, radio, and more to discover trending, unsigned artists.

Cox sparked an interest in technology at Berklee—specifically, its future impacts on business and society. His entrepreneurship classes motivated him to learn Python as he analyzed the trend of technology’s involvement in modern business practices. Additionally, he participated in a multitude of extracurricular activities including the Berklee Popular Music Institute, the Music Business Club, the Student Entrepreneurship Association, and MIT’s Music + VR class as a student and, later, a teaching assistant.

In summer 2018, he enrolled in General Assembly’s 12-week data science boot camp, which equipped him with the skills to work as a data analyst. Employment at Elektra Music Group has paired his two passions of music and technology, making an ideal start to his dream career path.