Scott Tarulli

  • Career Highlights
    • Performances with Peter Eldridge, Steve Gadd, Abe Laboriel, Jacob Luttrell, and Meatloaf
    • Recordings include Transitions and September in Boston: Live (Scott Tarulli Group)
    • Recordings as a sideman include Alastair Mook's A Life I Never Had; Katrin's Soul Wide Open (producer and guitarist); and Lois Greco's Surrender
    • Performed with the Black Eyed Peas and Kelly Clarkson at the 2004 Super Bowl and with Earth, Wind and Fire, Alicia Keys, and Lionel Richie at the 2008 Super Bowl
    • Private lessons with Charlie Banacos and Bruce Bartlett
  • Education
    • B.A., University of Massachusetts

In Their Own Words

"My teaching style comes directly from being someone who struggled a lot with learning—in particular, with learning jazz and how to budget my time. Absolutely nothing came easy to me in music. As a result, I base my teaching around my students and help them to become problem-solvers. When they leave Berklee, my hope is that they're able to do things on their own and not be paint-by-number players."

"I have students who are really focused and ambitious. It's exciting for me when a student comes in ready for more and practices a lot. Students are so unique and you have to approach how you teach them differently."

"Berklee hires working, touring musicians. I tell a lot of stories about my professional experience. I want students to know that I'm in the scene, gigging a lot. I play many different kinds of gigs; I perform with singer-songwriters, rock groups, and jazz groups."

"I teach a styles lab for the working guitarist. We study different styles of comping and improvisation to make students well-rounded players. This will help them tremendously when they go out and gig. Even if their focus is heavy metal, if a singer-songwriter calls them up, they will able to go into that situation and play musically."