Lauren Wirtzer Seawood

President, UnitedMasters
Lauren Wirtzer Seawood

Lauren Wirtzer Seawood's expertise in artist, brand, and event management, coupled with her refined know-how in digital strategy and marketing, has enabled her to effectively lead and create content initiatives that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Wirtzer Seawood is president of UnitedMasters, a music distribution startup that helps artists grow their business and connect with fans while retaining the rights to their master recordings. In her previous role as head of music partnerships at Instagram, she led the platform’s digital strategy and distribution initiatives, connecting artists and brands with a global community. As head of digital for Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment, from 2013 to 2015, she held a critical role in the launch of the pop icon's self-titled visual album, which became the fastest-selling album in the history of the iTunes Store. 

During her time at game developer organization Zynga, she implemented entertainment, brand, and celebrity partnerships across the company’s portfolio, managing integrations and relationships with musicians and brands. Her foundation was built in the music industry, and throughout her 10-plus years with Def Jam Enterprises, she gained experience in strategic partnerships and operations. Her responsibilities included managing brands and artists, as well as developing and incorporating content marketing across all digital platforms.
A graduate of New York University, she resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her family.