Frank DeCicco

Senior Director, College Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment
Drank DeCicco

Frank DeCicco is the head of college marketing at Sony Music. He oversees the Sony Music U team, which is made up of 80 students across the United States and supports all labels under Sony with artist development initiatives. The team is utilized by the labels in many different ways, including by providing meaningful opportunities for emerging artists around campus, social media marketing, content creation, influencer marketing, focus groups, and traditional grassroots marketing. DeCicco has a proven track record of developing new artists through strategic marketing campaigns while continuing to foster talent within his own team of students to secure full-time positions throughout the organization and across the music industry.

DeCicco began his career as an intern at Epic Records, which led to a position as a college marketing rep for Sony Music. After graduating, he left Sony and accepted his first full-time position with BMG Music as a field marketing representative. A few years later, he returned to Sony in an artist development role, managing college reps and overseeing campaigns across the Northeast region of the U.S.  This experience steered him to where he is currently. He's honored to be heading up the program that gave him his own start in the music industry.