Brian Dubb

Founder and CEO, MPRO Music

Brian Dubb is a passionate, energetic, and visionary entrepreneur who thrives on empowering teams and leading from the front. With more than 20 years of industry experience in startups in music, content, agri-tech, early AI, and travel, he spent his formative years as a professional songwriter, recording artist, and performer.

In 2016, Dubb flipped the music management model on its head and set up MPAL PRO, a management services solution for established music artists, empowering them to be their own managers. Key clients include Imogen Heap and her Mycelia for Music and Creative Passports, as well as Lior, Australia's most successful independent music artist.

In 2018, Dubb launched MPRO Music, the world's first web application for artist management, for self-managed artists and new-era managers. It includes guides, workflow checklists, and email and agreement templates for all aspects of managing the career of a music artist. It brings process, structure, and transparency to the music business.