The Berklee Card for Students

The Berklee Card is the official identification card issued to all members of the Berklee community. It is required for identification and access to essential campus services, and functions as a convenient payment method for services on and around the Berklee campus.

The card contains a digital picture, name, student number, personal ISO number, three-digit security code, and library barcode. The back of the card has a magnetic stripe allowing access to campus facilities including the Learning Center, Media Center, library, residence halls (residents only), dining hall (through Aramark's meal program), and practice rooms.

Policies and Procedures for Students

Students are issued the Berklee Card upon check-in and registration for their first semester at Berklee. Students are responsible for keeping this card for the duration of their time at Berklee.

In the event of a lost Berklee Card, immediately go to to disable your account, or call 800 865-2375. A suspended card that is found within two days may be reactivated, providing a new card has not yet been issued. A replacement card can be obtained at 168 Mass. Ave. A replacement fee of $15 will be charged.

Additional terms and conditions apply for students with a Berklee Card Account. Visit for complete information.

Berklee Card Account Flexible Spending Program

The Berklee Card Account is a cashless, prepaid spending account accepted at all campus dining locations, the campus bookstore, dormitory laundry facilities, most beverage and snack vending machines, the on-campus copy center and copy machines, and popular off-campus businesses.

For complete program information, to add value to a card, to view a complete list of accepting locations, or to view terms and conditions, visit

Card Administration

Campus Business Services oversees the Berklee Card program. Aramark, the food service provider for Berklee, maintains the card access system for the dining hall. The Berklee Card Account Flexible Spending Program is administered by Cardsmith via the website.