Center for Liberal Arts Tutoring (CLAT)

English writing tutors assist the Berklee community with written assignments from any course as well as English as a second language–related work, scholarship essays, internship applications, career development writing (such as resumés and press kits), and grant proposals.

Tutors help students become more confident in expressing their ideas in writing and teach them to help themselves by encouraging student engagement in the editing and proofreading process. If the work done during the tutoring session is for a specific class, the tutor will email the faculty member teaching the class with specific feedback about the session.

English writing tutors are trained writing experts who have experience in academic, business, and creative writing. Hour-long appointments can be made Monday–Friday during academic terms and are held in the Center for Liberal Arts Tutoring (CLAT), which is located in 7 Haviland Street, room 110.

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