Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice

What would jazz sound like in a culture without patriarchy?

Text lockup for Jazz without Patriarchy

The jazz industry remains predominantly male even after years of efforts towards equality, imposing a significant toll on some who aspire to work in it. In understanding the importance of balance and equity, the goal of the Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice is to do corrective work and modify the way jazz is perceived and presented so the future of jazz looks different than its past, without rendering invisible many of the art form's creative contributors.

The Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice will focus on equity in the jazz field and the role that jazz plays in the larger struggle for gender justice. The institute will celebrate the contributions women have made in the development of the art form as well as frame more equitable conditions for all pursuing careers in jazz in an effort to work toward a necessary and lasting cultural shift in the field.

Inclusive to All

We welcome students of all gender and sexual identities to achieve the goal of true gender diversity in the field. The institute will work to address gender inequities at the college through curriculum, recruitment, residencies, performances, research, and community engagement.



Aja Burrell Wood
Managing Director

Terri Lyne Carrington
Founder and Artistic Director

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