Liberal Arts Program at Berklee

Berklee’s liberal arts program emphasizes the interdisciplinary learning that artists and musicians need to succeed in today’s world, especially writing and communication, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills. Liberal arts courses provide a cultural context for the arts being studied; relate performing arts to politics, literature, and science; encourage an appreciation for diversity; and prepare students to make the complex ethical choices they will face throughout their lives. 

Liberal Arts Minors

A minor in liberal arts allows you to explore interests, develop skills, and gain knowledge that complements your music studies and your major. Each minor consists of four courses, usually 10–12 credits. Foundational courses and a selection of specified options are included in each minor. Courses taken to complete a minor may be used to fulfill other degree requirements as appropriate.

You may also complete an individualized minor in liberal arts. Students may propose a minor that is disciplinary (for instance, art history), interdisciplinary (for instance, Latin American studies), or experiential. Disciplinary and interdisciplinary minors must include at least 12 credits of course work.

Experiential minors must have a minimum of 10 credits of course work and include at least two credit-bearing experiential programs that bear a relationship to the proposed course of study.

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