1.03 Equity Policy

Policy No. 1.03

Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Equity Policy and Process

Berklee, including Berklee College of Music; Boston Conservatory at Berklee; Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain; and Berklee Online, is a diverse community comprising individuals with different life experiences, viewpoints, and belief systems. A welcoming and inclusive culture is essential to maintaining Berklee’s role as a leader in music education, and Berklee highly values the dynamic environment that results when students, faculty, administrators, and staff from diverse backgrounds come together to learn, live, and work.

The Equity Policy and Process was designed to further Berklee’s goal of inclusion, respect, and equality for all community members, and affirms Berklee’s commitment to promote fairness and equity in all aspects of the institution.

Note: This policy and process is the result of input from various areas of the institution as well as guidance from outside sources. As the policy and process is implemented, modifications or additions may be made, which will be communicated on an ongoing basis to the community.

The most recent and current version of the policy can be found here: Equity Policy and Process.


December 2018