1.0 Human Resources Policy Manual Introduction

Policy No. 1.0

POLICY: Berklee is the preeminent institution of contemporary music and the performing arts. At Berkee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee, students explore interdisciplinary approaches to music, dance, theater, film, business, health care, education, technology, and more. With students and alumni from more than 100 nations and educational partners across the world, we are forging new connections among art forms, musical traditions, and technologies to build a dynamic, diverse, and collaborative global arts community. 

We are a community that acknowledges, respects, and celebrates differences. We strive to cultivate a supportive learning environment by actively promoting a climate of respect for personal and cultural differences, and by offering a range of services and activities to support the needs of the student musicians who come to us from around the world and all employees in this dynamic community.

We provide an environment in which all know that they are full and valued members of the community. We maintain the vitality of our community by encouraging and supporting continuing professional development for all of its members. We value ethical behavior in all aspects of personal and professional life by establishing a community that values integrity in all relationships. We work diligently and collaboratively to retain our leadership position in music education and to ensure that our curriculum remains relevant.

Human Resources develops and communicates policies and procedures to assist employees in carrying out their responsibilities and to ensure a culture that supports Berklee’s values. Our policies are designed to promote a climate that rewards the unique contribution that each employee makes. Employment conditions, compensation, and benefit programs will attract and retain talented staff, and will ensure that every employee receives equal consideration and is given maximum opportunity to achieve high levels of performance.

The responsibilities of Human Resources encompass all policies and practices that are related to or affect an individual’s employment, development, compensation, benefits, promotion, and/or wellbeing.

The policies set forth in this manual apply to all employees and supersede any pre-existing Human Resources policy manual policies. Berklee reserves the right to amend, suspend, or cancel this policy at any time, with or without notice. In the event that a conflict exists between this policy and the terms and conditions of the Berklee faculty union contract agreement, the union contract agreement will supersede this policy.


December 2018