98 Hemenway Street

98 Hemenway Street was built in 1899 and renovated in 2005. It is located in a residential area near the Fenway neighborhood of Boston, which is home to Fenway Park and an array of restaurants and stores. Consisting of five residential floors and a basement that houses laundry facilities, practice rooms, and a community lounge, 98 Hemenway Street is a short distance from many academic buildings on Berklee's campus. 

Fast Facts

  • Total capacity: 130
  • Air conditioning: No, rooms do not have air conditioning, but the basement (laundry room, practice rooms, lounge) does. 
  • Room types: Singles, doubles, triples, quads (singles largely reserved for medical accommodations) 
  • Bed types: Single, lofted, bunked
  • Bathrooms: Community bathrooms, some private bathrooms
  • Community kitchen: Yes
  • Lounge spaces: One lounge located in the basement
  • Practice rooms: Yes
  • Fitness center: No, but current on-campus residents are permitted to use the fitness centers in 270 Commonwealth Avenue and 160 Massachusetts Avenue. The fitness centers on campus are only available to current on-campus students during the fall and spring semesters when the residence halls are open, and are closed during the summer.