Health and Wellness Programs, Services, and Education

The Office of Health and Wellness Programs offers a wide variety of health education, prevention, and support services. Our goal is to empower you to make decisions that enhance your wellbeing and ability to reach your goals. We also help students create a vibrant, healthy, engaged community.

If you need information about current services and programs, please explore the various sections of this website. If you have a question about wellness initiatives, please email

Use this Program Request form to request a program or event with the Health and Wellness Department (note: the Health and Wellness Department includes the Office of Health and Wellness Programs and the Office of Counseling Services). 

For members of our community who need accommodations to access our offices and services, please contact us, and we will assist you.  

Schedule a Wellness Services appointment (login required) for any of the following: Alexander Technique, nutrition counseling, physical therapy and massage therapy, reiki, and sports and performing arts medicine evaluations and assessments.

Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation Classes

The Office of Health and Wellness Programs offers weekly meditation, tai chi, and yoga classes. A calendar with information about these classes, along with other Health and Wellness Programs events, can be found on our Health and Wellness events calendar

Alcohol and Drug Education Services

The Health and Wellness area of Student Affairs provides alcohol and drug education, programming, assessment, and referral services for Berklee students as well as for staff, faculty, and parents who may have concerns about a student. The aim of our programs and services is to encourage healthy choices and responsible decision making, and to reduce the negative consequences associated with disordered substance use, such as poor academic performance, high-risk sexual behavior, violence, health implications, and addiction.

Berklee SAAVE

Berklee Student Allies in Anti-Violence Education (SAAVE) is a community of students seeking a foundational body of knowledge and skills to reduce and prevent the impact of sexual misconduct and gender-based harm. Equipped with a dynamic understanding of related issues, students feel empowered to create a safer and inclusive environment at Berklee and beyond. Berklee SAAVE strives to be a safe space in which all narratives and communities are celebrated. Members are expected to respect and support one another, and are encouraged to challenge each other in pursuit of growth, individually and collectively.

Reach Out Initiative

The Reach Out initiative was established to address the issues of substance abuse, sexual violence, and mental health awareness. Reach Out not only echoes a call throughout the country for more education for college students on these topics, but also confronts historic challenges faced by many contemporary musicians.