Flamenco Legend Pepe de Lucía Receives Mediterranean Music Award

Flamenco singer and composer Pepe de Lucía receives the Master of Mediterranean Music Award in the Mediterranean Roots Festival in Valencia.

November 17, 2015

Flamenco singer, composer, and producer Pepe de Lucía received the Master of Mediterranean Music Award on October 30 in recognition of his contribution to flamenco music throughout his long career. Along with his brother, Paco de Lucía, he is considered to be one of the greatest flamenco musicians of all time.

Javier Limón, the artistic director of the Mediterranean Music Institute, honored Pepe de Lucía with the award at a tribute concert in honor of his brother during the Mediterranean Roots Festival in Valencia, Spain. Pepe de Lucía was moved to recieve this award at his bother's tribute and gave a heartfelt and profound acceptance speech while his band clapped in a flamenco rhythm. Later, Pepe de Lucía treated the crowd to a thrilling performance.

Born in 1945 in Algeciras, Spain, de Lucía began his musical musical career at a very early age and formed a duo called Los Chiquitos de Algeciras with his younger brother Francisco, later known as Paco, on guitar. By time Pepe de Lucía was 16, the duo had toured internationally and had won its first national award.

De Lucía has an extensive discography, ranging from hits like "Caminando," which was recently reissued on the album Los Hijos de Lucía, to catalog albums for which he sings, composes, or produces. His first three albums were with his duo with his brother Paco. Later works include his solo album El Orgullo de mi Padre; other albums he made with his brother, such as Sólo Quiero Caminar, Live in America, One Summer Night; and his legendary albums with Camarón de la Isla, Como el Agua, Viviré, and Potro de Rabia y Miel.