What We Do

The Berklee India Exchange draws on the rich, multidimensional heritage of Indian music as well as its modern incarnations. Our goal is to create a platform for cultural conversation through artist residencies and multidisciplinary collaborations. Drawing on the entrepreneurial DNA and technology-infused, innovative spirit of the country, the program aims to foster a collaborative energy between India and Berklee.

Berklee Indian Ensemble

The Berklee Indian Ensemble is one of the largest performing groups at the college.

Berklee Tandon Global Clinics

Clinics foster cultural conversations through artist residencies and musical collaborations.

Scholarship Opportunities

Berklee India Exchange endeavors to provide financial assistance to deserving artists from India.

Artist Residencies

Berklee India Exchange creates once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to work with high-profile Indian artists.


Berklee offers many courses related to Indian music.