Program Description

As a film scoring major, you’ll learn to compose, arrange, and conduct music for a variety of industries, such as film, television, and video games. You’ll immerse yourself over the course of eight semesters, while completing the college’s core music curriculum, in intensive study of music in visual media, creating professional level scores, and the business of the film industry on the college’s Boston campus. Gain real world experience working in our cutting edge facilities alongside a diverse community of musicians, faculty, and industry professionals all while earning your bachelor's degree.

Program Details

Develop a foundation of creative musical skills, including composition, counterpoint, orchestration, and conducting, as you prepare music for synchronous use with visual media such as film, TV, video games, and more. As you develop an interpretive sensitivity to the dramatic effectiveness of music when paired with visual media, you’ll also learn the technical skills involved, such as how to create a professional-level score mock-up, for example.To demonstrate your mastery in the area, you will complete a portfolio that will include:

  • a finished score of a short film, fully produced and synchronized;
  • a similarly produced and synchronized main title theme for a television series;
  • a professional resume;
  • a letter of application suitable for the purpose of career placement and advancement; and
  • a recording of an original composition that you will produce to function as a demo to accompany an application portfolio.

You will study acknowledged masterpieces of film scoring and, through this exposure, you will develop an aesthetic vision and the ability to recognize and discuss quality work in film scoring. You’ll develop your interpersonal and other situational skills as you cooperate with performers, studio personnel, technical assistants, and others to finish projects and you will work on other students’ projects as well.

As a film scoring major, you will develop sufficient skills and knowledge to function as a composer, orchestrator, music supervisor, music editor, or any number of technical production workers in the film, television, and/or video game industry, in addition to other visual media. You will have sufficient knowledge of basic concepts to adapt with success to the changing conditions that are typical of the entertainment industry.


Meet the Film Scoring Department

As a film scoring student, Berklee offers you a unique opportunity to learn the art, craft, and tools of scoring for a variety of media, with a professionally active and respected faculty that provides a comprehensive and innovative curriculum.

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