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Beantown Jazz Festival

Venezuelan Project

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Event Dates
Saturday / September 24, 2016 / 12:00 pm
Beantown Stage
Columbus Avenue and Burke Street
United States

Venezuelan Project is a group that was born in 2015, founded by percussionist Alexis Soto and Carlos Capacho. The group focuses on recovering the traditional and folkloric Venezuelan genres and combining them with contemporary genres of the music world, including funk, jazz, Latin, and fusion. The group began as a quartet with original members Josu Ortiz on piano (Caracas, Venezuela), Ali Tovar on bass (Caracas, Venezuela), Carlos Capacho on cuatro (Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela) and Alexis Soto on percussion (Caracas, Venezuela). 

Today, the group has changed a little bit in instrumentation, adding drum set and melodic instruments (where saxophone and harmonica or trumpet highlight the most), but keeping traditional instruments of Venezuelan culture as cuatro and maracas.