The CharlieChords

Official page of The CharlieChords, the leanest, meanest, and Green(Line)est all-male a cappella sensation at Berklee College of Music.

Founded in 2012, The CharlieChords are the newest and arguably tallest a cappella group at Berklee College of Music in Boston. With harmonies tighter than standing room on the Green Line and powerhouse vocal percussion, these devilishly handsome gentlemen turn up the charm and bring the house down in a single breath, all while keeping you at the edge of your seat.

The CharlieChords' inimitable spirit and soulful showmanship have been featured everywhere from Northampton to Newbury Street, and at the Boston Celtics' 2013 home opener. The CharlieChords invite you onboard for a ride; this isn't a choir, this is a party.

Check out our official CharlieChords website for more information! Or, find us on Facebook!

Fall 2018 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

The CharlieChords 2014-2015 Constitution.pdf

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