Berklee Bookstore

Store Information

The Berklee College of Music Bookstore is located at 1090 Boylston Street.

Berkleebooks stocks college workbooks and textbooks, and Berklee merchandise, including clothing and other gift items. The bookstore also has a buy-back program for used textbooks. 

For more information, store hours, and accepted payment options, visit the Berkleebooks website.

Bookstore Requisition Forms

Berklee faculty and staff may requisition items from the bookstore for business use. In order to properly record and authorize the purchase of items from Berkleebooks, the use of a bookstore requisition form is required.

Bookstore requisitions are available to college personnel by dialing extension 2402 or by emailing a request.

Like a standard requisition form, the bookstore requisition must be filled out completely and include the date, department name, colleague account number to be charged, quantity and description of merchandise, and an approval signature. Current approval levels are indicated at the bottom of the requisition form.

Note: Berklee workbooks are requisitioned through the office of Academic Affairs, not via the bookstore requisition form.

Store Management

Berkleebooks is managed and operated by Barnes & Noble College Booksellers.

Barnes & Noble provides an on-site manager. If you have questions, dial extension 2402 or send the manager an email

The director of Campus Business and Procurement Services oversees the bookstore contract.