In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Commonwealth guidelines, Berklee College of Music venues make every effort to accommodate persons with disabilities. Please see individual venue pages for more detailed information about each space. Feel free to review additional information for planning your visit to the Berklee Performance Center, as well as accessibility information for other Berklee venues.


The theater and box office entrance is located at 136 Massachusetts Avenue near the intersection of Boylston Street in Boston. Accessible street curbs are at the cross streets on either side of the theater: Boylston Street and Belvidere Street. There are no steps from the sidewalk in front of the building to the orchestra level inside the theater. The balcony sections of the theater can only be accessed using a staircase.

There is no elevator or escalator in the building. The first floor (orchestra level) of the BPC is accessible to people with mobility impairments. If you are looking for a price point that is only available in the balcony, but cannot climb stairs to get to those seats, please call the box office at 617-747-2261 for assistance. 

Please ask for the house manager upon arrival for elevator access to the William Davis Room reception facility.


Accessible restrooms are located in the first-floor main lobby. An accessible water fountain is in the same lobby, next to the restrooms.


Accessible parking spaces are available at area garages/lots. Accessible street parking spaces do exist in Back Bay but are extremely limited. Handicap placard holders can park at any metered spot for free as well as handicap exclusive spaces. Other parking ordinances may be in effect. All designated parking rules should be obeyed.


The wheelchair-accessible sections of the theater are located in three areas:

  1. Orchestra Right, rows A and B: There is room for one wheelchair and three companions in this area. This location is on level ground; however, the floor leading to the seats is on a decline.
  2. Orchestra Right, rows Q and R: There is room for two wheelchairs and multiple companions in this area. This location is on level ground; however, the floor leading to the seats is on a decline.
  3. The rear orchestra where the floor levels off (rows KK–LL left, right, and center): these seats are on level ground, and there is no decline.

The seating in all these areas is made up of movable cushioned chairs, some with armrests and some without. Tickets for this section are reserved for people with disabilities until no two adjacent seats are available for public sale at the given price level. Even then, seats in this section are released sporadically, so there are accessible seats held until all other seats in the theater are sold out. See "Accessible Ticket Purchasing Information" below for details on how these seats may be purchased.

Seating with Extra Aisle Room for Maneuverability

The orchestra has a large cross aisle in front of Row S. Some of these seats are available for sale through regular ticket purchasing channels. There are also a limited number of aisle seats with movable armrests, which can be lifted to allow for additional room. They are located in the Center Orchestra section in rows F, M, S, X, CC, and HH. See "Accessible Ticket Purchasing Information" below for details on how to purchase these seats.

Seating for Persons with Visual Impairments or Persons Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

A limited number of tickets in Orchestra Right, Rows A and B are available for purchase by patrons with visual impairments or patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing. Some of these seats also double as wheelchair-accessible seats. These seats are held until the show or price range is sold out. See "Accessible Ticket Purchasing Information" below for details on how to purchase these seats.

Assistive Listening Devices

Listening devices for patrons with hearing loss are available for all performances to assist with amplification and clarity. These devices can be used in all sections of the theater. A radio-transmitted receiver is attached to either a lightweight headset or a neck loop.

The use of a listening device is complimentary. They can be obtained either at the box office window, through the house manager, or by asking an usher. A driver's license, passport, or major credit card is required as a deposit and will be returned to the patron when the device is returned.

Sign Language Interpretation

The Berklee Performance Center offers sign language interpretation upon request. Requests for sign language interpreters must be received at least three weeks prior to the event by contacting the box office at 617-747-2261 or These requests are subject to the availability of an interpreter.

Accessible Ticket Purchasing Information

In an effort to accommodate as many patrons as possible in accessible sections, we limit each order to one accessible seat and three companion seats. The availability of adjacent seats is based on availability. Tickets for patrons requiring accessible seating in wheelchair, mobility, visually impaired, or deaf or hard of hearing areas are available in the following three ways:

  1. Online
  2. In person at the box office. Get information about box office hours. Information regarding the particular needs of individual patrons is very important to us. If it is desired or necessary, patrons may advise us on the type of impairment, the size of the wheelchair (if applicable), the preference to use our seats or remain in their own chair, and so on.
  3. By calling 617-747-2261. Tickets ordered by phone can be held at Will Call for pickup on the night of the show or can be emailed directly to the patron. Tickets must be purchased; there are no seat reservations. All sales are final. Tickets are nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged or replaced. Additional service charges apply.

Note: Patrons needing accommodations may be admitted to the theater prior to the general public. Requests should be made at the box office or by asking the usher at the front door.

For further information or general inquiries, please call 617-747-2261 or email