Untamed: The Miley Cyrus Ensemble

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Event Dates
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Avenue
United States

The Miley Cyrus Ensemble is a production showcasing the contrasting layers and intricate components of Miley Cyrus’ life through music. This exploration depicts her evolution as an artist, realizing one’s power in “embracing the unconventional” of individuality. Under the direction and assistant direction of professors Tia Fuller and Mimi Jones, the group pays homage to the trajectory of her life and music, from Cyrus’ Disney Channel stardom as the title role in Hannah Montana, all the way to her present-day Plastic Hearts rock-diva self. This ensemble breaks boundaries by exploring genres including country hoedowns, ’80s rock ’n’ roll, and psychedelic pop, to name a few.

With MCE’s student-run production team, Berklee students are given the opportunity to showcase their talents behind the scenes. The birth of the ensemble originated when creative director Felipe Siquara approached Fuller with his “freshman-year dream” of creating an out-of-the-box ensemble. With the help of creative co-director Timmy Demott and performance coach Kirsten Henry, his dream came to fruition. Demi Brown returns as faculty choreographer with the help of student/faculty member Hope Divine. Malachi Lewis thrives as the group’s musical director, alongside Tyler Christian and Nico Cardoso as vocal arrangers; and Lili Chey-Warren serves as head of wardrobe/co-executive producer.

Rooted in the five basic principles of “wisdom, humility, forgiveness, nurturing, and spirituality,” the Miley Cyrus Ensemble is using this as an opportunity to plant firm roots and life skills, individually and collectively. Furthermore, no matter how “untamed” the Miley Cyrus Ensemble will get, changing their hair or clothes, they will always be able to find their way back home, through a purpose-filled journey.