Gugak Jazz Society CD Release Concert: "Samulnori Fantasy: Seasons" featuring the Berklee Gospel-Pansori Choir

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Event Dates
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Avenue
United States

Spearheaded by Mina Cho, the director of the group, the Gugak Jazz Society blends Korean traditional music with jazz. The group will perform selections from the newly released CD, Samulnori Fantasy: Seasons, which tells a modern Korean musical narrative. This narrative revolves around a mystical encounter between a moon rabbit and a Korean traditional pansori singer in Boston's Charles River. Through music and storytelling, it explores themes of passion, dreams, and the changing seasons of life.

The presentation of Samulnori Fantasy: Seasons in Boston this year serves as a celebration of cultural diversity and fosters meaningful exchanges between communities. It also holds special significance as it commemorates two significant milestones: the Year of Rabbits and the 70th anniversary of the US-Korea alliance.

The performance will feature members of the Gugak Jazz Society, joined by a dynamic gospel choir comprising faculty members and students from Berklee. Together, they will create a captivating musical experience that blends traditional Korean rhythms with the soulful harmonies of gospel music.

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