Berklee Performance Center Costume and Props Policy

Venue staff shall have full discretion in interpreting the following guidelines:

 Costume Policy

  • Costumes and daily wear shall not expose the body in such a way as to be deemed indecent exposure under local law. All audience members must wear shoes at all times while inside the venue.
  • Costumes worn at the venue must fit through a standard doorway and must not spill over into adjacent seats or aisles, or block the view of other audience members.
  • No costumes or props may generate odor, smoke, or fog, or have overly bright or flashing lights.
  • No items that obstruct another audience member’s view or sightline to the stage.
  • No hats or obstructive headwear may be worn during the performances. Exemption only for religious headwear.
  • Costumes depicting realistic local law enforcement or military uniforms, or having the words police, SWAT, FBI, DEA, CIA, or any other official government agency names or initials on them are prohibited.
  • Prohibited items or costumes will not be stored by the venue.

Props Policy

  • Props that are designed primarily as weapons or tools (pickaxe, sword, or ax) may not be made of heavy materials such as wood, glass, and metal, regardless of how sharp or dull the prop may be.
  • All props must be small enough to fit in the audience member’s lap, and they must not spill over adjacent seats or block the view of other audience members.
  • No firearms, airsoft weapons, replicas of guns, or props that use components of these in their construction are allowed.
  • No functional bows or arrows.
  • Any item that is designed or manufactured with the intent to cause bodily injury or death, any item that is illegal in the state or locality where the show is taking place, or any other item that appears dangerous or may pose a risk of harm will not be allowed on the premises.
  • Any lights that blink rapidly or brightly enough that they disturb others should not be included in props.
  • Operating a prop to shoot an object of any material is not allowed.

All audience members are encouraged to arrive early to the performance to ensure the additional security measures to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.