In the best tradition of music and social change, Berklee considers the social, environmental, and economic impacts of its actions, with a view toward meeting the needs of future generations as well as our own. 

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Are you a student interested in touring in a veggie oil van? A staff member who wants to increase recycling in your office? Or maybe a faculty member who'd like to incorporate sustainability into your classes? Connect with like-minded members of the Berklee community who can support your efforts. 


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  • Education

    Berklee students learn about sustainability from orientation through graduation. Environmental club members reach out to their peers, and an environmental science class teaches students about our impact on the world. 

  • Campus

    Berklee has reduced its energy use by 8% since 2006. The college's often behind-the-scenes efforts include adding automatic controls for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment; updating lighting systems; and installing more efficient appliances. 

  • Planning and Outreach

    Berklee doesn’t operate in a vacuum. The college is part of the greater Boston community—and the world. Through farmers markets, public transportation discounts for commuters, and participation in the STARS sustainability rating system, Berklee takes its place on the world stage.