Rebecca Cline

  • Career Highlights
    • Leader of Enclave, Obbini Tumbao, and the Rebecca Cline Trio
    • Member of Mango Blue
    • Cacao Música recording artist
    • Member of Phi Beta Kappa
  • Education
    • B.M., Berklee College of Music
    • B.A., University of North Carolina

In Their Own Words

"I have fairly wide interests. I'm a white woman from Georgia who's lived in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Brazilian Amazon, all for the purpose of studying music."

"I teach a broad mix of classes in both the Ensemble Department, which includes the Performance Studies curriculum, and the Piano Department. I teach Intro to Latin Jazz, Rhythm Section Ensemble, Standard Jazz Repertoire 1, Jazz Improvisation Techniques 1, and Basic Keyboards 1. I also have several piano students for Private Instruction."

"I think the stylistic variety of my performing experience is reflected in the variety of courses I teach, and my exposure to various styles gives me a different perspective on each one. I feel comfortable talking about Brazilian jazz, Cuban jazz, and straight-ahead jazz."

"I like to provide a context for any subject that I teach. I teach two labs (Afro-Cuban Piano Montunos and Improv in Cuban Piano), which are ostensibly for developing skills for playing in this style. I give a lot of practical information and transcriptions, but I also talk as much as I can about the historical and cultural context of the music."

"If a student is excited about what I'm teaching, it's like there's no limit to my enthusiasm. It's so extraordinarily gratifying to find students who are willing to put in the time and energy to meet me where I'm coming from and ask for more."