María Martinez Iturriaga

Executive Director, Valencia Campus/Dean of Admissions, Valencia Campus

María M. Iturriaga is the executive director for Berklee College of Music at the campus in Valencia, Spain, where she plays a leading role in the campus's academic, enrollment, and institutional strategies. Iturriaga joined Berklee in 2008 and was at the forefront of establishing the college’s first international campus. She holds a master’s degree in performing arts administration from New York University, a bachelor of science degree in business administration from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and a bachelor of music degree in piano performance from the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música in Madrid. Prior to Berklee, she worked with AEA Consulting in New York, and in external affairs and as a music agent on projects in the U.S., U.K., and Spain. She is a member of the Abram Wilson Foundation Advisory Board and the Comité Protector de la Música del Reciclaje, chaired by Queen Sofía of Spain.