VIDEO: Oh, Great Intentions Rocks Berklee’s New Cafeteria

Berklee Office of Communications
September 20, 2013
Oh, Great Intentions

In what will go down as the first of thousands of student performances to be held in the cafeteria of Berklee’s new 16-story campus building at 160 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston, Oh, Great Intentions cranks out a high-octane performance of “My Darkest Hour” in the video below. The band is composed of Berklee students Alec Gaston (lead vocals, guitar), Aresh Banaji (synthesizer), Austin DeVries (drums), Charlie Kendall (lead guitar, vocals), Dallas McKinney (keyboard), and John Rosenkranz (bass, vocals). This video was created by Berklee students Joe Barnard (videographer, editor), Ben Meyers (videographer), Simon Katz (recording and mixing engineer), and associate professor of music production and engineering Jonathan Wyner (engineer).

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