Nona Hendryx Re-Wired: Collaboration with Electronic Production and Design Students

Margot Edwards
March 4, 2013
Press release
Nona Hendryx

Berklee presents Nona Hendryx Re-Wired, a collaboration between Hendryx and the college’s Electronic Production and Design (EPD) Department, on March 26. The concert features a mix of new/unreleased works and older material composed and performed by Hendryx and 20 EPD students and faculty utilizing the latest music technology equipment, including sensors developed by the students as well as commercially available controllers. A robot will also be a part of the show. The material reflects Hendryx’s broad range of musical ideas and interests, from ambient, atmospheric work to pop. 

Nona Hendryx Re-Wired takes place Tuesday, March 26, 8:15 p.m., at the Berklee Performance Center (BPC), 136 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston. General admission tickets are $8 in advance, $12 day of show, and can be purchased at the BPC Box Office. The venue is wheelchair accessible. For more information, call 617 747-2261 or visit Can't make it to the show? The event will stream live on Concert Window.

“All of the pieces are Nona's but she has given students the opportunity to reinvent them using their own musical language,” said Michael Bierylo, chair of the Electronic Production and Design Department. “She met with the students working on the project and will be on campus to rehearse with them before the show. We're in contact via Skype and students are posting work for her to comment on as we go.”

Nona Hendryx has always been on the cutting edge of music, from her beginnings with Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles, to successful trio Labelle (with Patti LaBelle and Sarah Dash), her stunning solo career, and her induction into the Rhythm & Blues Foundation's Hall of Fame. Her songs are edgy, provocative, political, and empowering. With Labelle, Hendryx racked up three gold albums and a No. 1 worldwide hit with “Lady Marmalade (Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir?).” She toured festivals in Europe with the Daughters of Soul, toured in the U.S. with Cyndi Lauper, and reunited with Labelle for a 2008-2009 tour. Hendryx performed at the 2010 Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival and was an ambassador of artistry in education at Berklee in 2011. Her latest album, Mutadis, Mutandis, was released in 2012 on Righteous Babe Records.

Electronic production and design (formerly music synthesis) teaches the musical and creative use of electronic production and sound design tools and technologies. Working in professional-level 5.1-equipped studios, classrooms, and labs, students learn electronic composition, synthesizer programming, interactive performance systems, digital signal processing, music with integrated visuals, alternate controllers, and more. The curriculum provides a solid foundation for continued learning and effective performance in a profession that is constantly changing and evolving.


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