Name a Dorm Room After Your Favorite Musician

Name a dorm room in Berklee's new campus tower at 160 Massachusetts Avenue

Berklee invites you to join us in naming all of the dorm rooms in Berklee's new campus building at 160 Massachusetts Avenue after musicians we admire.

With a qualifying gift to the Berklee Fund*, you can name a room for the musical artist of your choosing–if they're still available!

* A gift of $1,000 qualifies for a room on floors 5–14; a gift of $2,000 qualifies for a room on floors 15–16. All honorees can only be chosen once and are subject to approval. Honorees must align with Berkleeā€™s atmosphere of mutual respect. Please limit your submission to one artist or band honoree per room. Rooms will remain named for a minimum of 10 years.

Jaco Pastorius Room

Existing Named Dorm Rooms in 160 Massachusetts Ave.
The honorees below already have a dorm room named after them. Berklee will not name multiple dorm rooms after the same honoree.

View images of named dorm rooms as well as scenes from 160 Massachusetts Avenue.