2.08 Resignation

Policy No. 2.08

Policy: This policy outlines the procedure and expectations regarding a staff member’s voluntary resignation notification of their departure from employment at Berklee.

Notice of Resignation

It is expected that any staff member who resigns will provide adequate notice in order to allow for the reasonable and efficient transition of responsibilities. The resigning staff member must provide the notice of resignation in writing to their manager and to Human Resources, and to the attention of the appropriate Human Resources business partner.

Notice Period

The amount of notice varies depending on a staff member’s position at Berklee. The following are guidelines for notice periods to ensure adequate transition and continued seamless operation of department business:

  • Managers, directors, chairs, deans, vice presidents, and staff with equivalent responsibilities shall, if at all possible, provide a period of one month notice of resignation.
  • All other staff members shall, if at all possible, provide a period of at least two weeks notice of resignation.

Staff Member Responsibilities

In addition to writing the above-referenced letter of resignation and providing the adequate period of notice prior to resignation, staff members must return all Berklee-issued property to their manager on or before the last day of employment. This includes Berklee identification badges; keys to any Berklee property, offices, and/or storage; any uniforms, paperwork, and/or documents; and/or any Berklee-issued phones, computers, laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices. Return of any and all secure data software authorizations and/or hardware keys must be coordinated through Information Technology Services.

Manager Responsibilities

Upon receiving a notice of resignation, the manager should inform the departing staff member to forward a copy of the resignation notice to their respective Human Resources business partner and to gather and return all Berklee-issued property on or before the last day of employment. The manager should also advise the staff member that they have the option to schedule an exit interview meeting with a member of Human Resources.

Exit Interviews

Staff members are encouraged to schedule an exit interview with their respective Human Resources business partner. During the exit interview, staff members will be provided with information related to continuation of benefits, employment verification, and/or any other pertinent information. In addition to the exit interview, departing staff members will also be provided with an electronic exit survey for completion.


Staff members who voluntarily leave Berklee will receive their last paycheck consistent with the regularly scheduled payroll cycle. A staff member’s final paycheck will include pay for hours worked or regular salary through the final day of employment, as well as any unused, accrued paid time off (PTO).

Eligibility for Reemployment

The rehire of a former employee is subject to all Berklee policies and procedures that are specified in the Human Resources Policy Manual, including, but not limited to, hiring practices, background and criminal offender record screening, immigration, and references. An applicant’s previous employment at Berklee and/or resignation circumstances will be evaluated to determine eligibility for reemployment based on the following guidelines:

  • Not eligible: Staff members who are involuntarily terminated or voluntarily resign, or otherwise separate from Berklee due to one or more of the following reasons shall not be eligible for reemployment: illegal activity, gross or willful misconduct, workplace violence, falsification of documents (applications for employment, reimbursements, etc.), or any other serious actions or conduct which management deems to be a terminable offense, which renders one ineligible for reemployment.
  • Eligible: Staff members who voluntarily resign from Berklee and are in good performance and behavioral standing at the time of resignation are eligible for rehire.

Note: Conditional eligibility for reemployment does not apply to staff members who are terminated as the result of a position elimination, reduction in force, job restructuring, general reorganization, or other causes that are unrelated to a staff member’s performance, conduct, or voluntary resignation.

Berklee reserves the right to amend, suspend, or cancel this policy at any time, with or without notice. In the event that a conflict exists between this policy and the terms and conditions of the Berklee faculty union contract agreement, the union contract agreement will supersede this policy.


December 2018