Universidad San Francisco Quito (USFQ) College of Music

The need for an alternative music school in a strategic location in the Andean region gave birth to the Universidad San Francisco Quito (USFQ) College of Music in December of 1999. This cultural revolution opened up academic opportunities for a continent hungry for contemporary artistic innovations and elevated the consciousness of Ecuador's public. In many ways, jazz has become today's academic curricula reference in higher education, linking the past to the future and acting as a conduit for the exchange of ideas between cultures.

The USFQ College of Music is now one of the leading private contemporary music schools in South America, offering two professional four-year degrees in music. One is the bachelor of music, which trains students as performers and composers using state-of-the-art technology. The bachelor of sound and production teaches students how to successfully record and produce projects of the sort found in the contemporary music industry.

All of these majors have been designed for an equivalent of 128 American or 256 European credit hours of full-time study—a serious academic challenge for all of our students.

The USFQ College of Music also offers clinics, workshops, master classes, and concerts with important artists in the performing and production fields. In addition, the school offers an ongoing series of internal concert events and recording opportunities that help prepare students to enter—and succeed in—the professional music industry.

The Berklee Articulation and Workbook Licensing Agreement

The curriculum-transfer and workbook-licensing agreements with Berklee College of Music allow students who complete two years of study in Quito to enroll at Berklee in the fifth semester or third year of Berklee's four-year bachelor of music degree or professional diploma programs, with the benefit of sharing the same books and academic methodology.

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