Applying for Housing

Applying for housing is a separate process from applying for admission to Berklee. The housing application is available to students through the admissions portal only after they have been accepted to Berklee and have confirmed their intention to attend by submitting the tuition deposit. It may take up to two business days for the application to become available. You will see a link under "Next Steps" and then "Housing" in the admissions portal.

Berklee is an urban campus, and around 1,200 students live on campus each academic year. Many students, including some entering students, live in apartments in neighborhoods near campus. Due to on-campus space limitations, not all entering students who apply for housing will be offered a space on campus. The chance of being approved is higher for students who submit the tuition deposit, housing application, and housing prepayment on time.

Information specific to students who enter in the spring or summer semesters can be found below.

Here are the necessary steps to secure on-campus housing. If you are unable to access the housing application several days after submitting your tuition deposit, you can contact your enrollment officer.

  • Step 1: Pay the $1,000 tuition deposit.
  • Step 2: Submit the housing application and $500 housing prepayment.
  • Step 3: Students confirmed for housing will receive an email.
  • Step 4: Closer to the start of the semester, we will send instructions on how to submit your housing preferences.

Remember, students are not confirmed for housing until they have received a confirmation email offering them a space. Any student that we are unable to offer a space to who submits the housing application and housing prepayment, or who submits them after the deadline, will be placed on a waitlist for housing and may not be offered a space.

Housing Application and Prepayment

In order to consider you for housing, we must receive the housing application and the non-refundable, non-transferable $500 housing prepayment. 

The housing prepayment provides us a guarantee that you will occupy the space if we are able to offer it to you. If we are unable to offer you a space in on-campus housing, we will return your prepayment. If you reserve a space but do not attend Berklee, you will lose the prepayment. If you reserve a space and attend Berklee, you are obligated to pay the full housing fee for both the contracted terms.

You cannot submit a housing application and later decide to live off campus. Once you have reserved a residence hall space, do not plan any other housing arrangement without first requesting permission from the Housing Office. If the Housing Office agrees to allow you to break your housing contract, you will still be required to pay a portion of the housing fee, based on the refund schedule. 

Because residence hall space is limited, not all accepted and confirmed entering students will be offered residence hall housing. 

Housing Preferences

In late June or early July, we will email a housing preferences form to students who have been confirmed for on-campus housing. Here we will ask you to let us know what your specific preferences are regarding housing, including which residence hall you would prefer, any roommate request you might have, and several basic living situation questions. If you have a roommate request, both students must request each other before we are able to grant that request. While we try our best to grant these preferences, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to.

Waitlist Process

Students who are placed on the waitlist will not be required to submit a housing prepayment unless they are offered a space on campus. If a student has submitted a prepayment, is placed on the waitlist, and is not offered a space on campus, the housing prepayment will be refunded. We will send periodic updates to waitlisted students regarding the progress of the waitlist. In general, we will continue offering spaces off of the waitlist through the first week of classes. Students who are on the waitlist are encouraged to begin looking for off-campus housing. Some basic resources can be found here, and more detailed information can be found through the Student Activities Center

Room Assignments

Students are assigned to two-, three-, or four-person spaces. Most bathrooms are shared, but some are private. Single rooms are reserved for students needing medical accommodations. Any student who needs special accommodations for medical reasons should first reach out to Disability Services. The Housing Office will coordinate with them to provide the proper accommodations.

More specific information regarding the residence halls is available here.

Spring Entering Students

Students entering in the spring semester will follow a similar housing application process, but on the timeline outlined below. Housing is available to spring entering students on a limited basis.

  • September 2018: The housing application is available for students who have submitted their tuition deposit.
  • December 2018: Housing preferences are collected, and assignments are sent to students who are confirmed for housing.

Summer Entering Students

Students who are admitted into the 12-Week Summer Performance Program will apply for housing along the same timeline as entering fall semester students.