Senior Leadership

Headshot of David Bogen.

David Bogen

Interim President and Provost

Betsy's headshot.

Betsy Newman

Interim Executive Vice President

Eileen's headshot.

Eileen Alviti

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Headshot of John Case.

John Case

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Deborah's headshot.

Deborah Cavalier

Senior Vice President of Pre-College, Online, and Professional Programs

A photo of Dr. Lacretia Flash smiling.

Lacretia Johnson Flash

Senior Vice President, DEI, Community, and Campus Culture and Climate

Headshot of Claire.

Claire Machamer

Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Headshot of Maria Martinez Iturriaga.

María Martinez Iturriaga

Senior Vice President, Berklee Global

Headshot of Erin Tunnicliffe.

Erin Tunnicliffe

Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Krystal's headshot.

Krystal Banfield

Vice President, Education Outreach and Social Entrepreneurship 

Headshot of Laurie Bishop.

Laurie Bishop

General Counsel

Headshot of Phillip Knutel.

Phillip Knutel

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Kaitlin's headshot.

Kaitlin Passafaro

Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Headshot of Simone Pilon.

Simone Pilon

Executive Director, Berklee Valencia

Headshot of Ron Savage.

Ron Savage

Vice President and Executive Director, Berklee College of Music

Michael's headshot.

Michael Shinn

Interim Executive Director, Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Stephen's headshot.

Stephen Webber

Executive Director, Berklee NYC, and Dean of Strategic Initiatives