Sol Castell

Event Dates
Atlantic Wharf
Waterfront Plaza, 290 Congress Street
United States

Sol Castell is a Panamanian singer-songwriter-producer whose raw and playful lyrics and jazz-rooted melodies invite the listener into the most iridescent young adult experience. Exploring themes of love, friendship, and existentialism in her songs, Castell’s voice wraps around you and immerses you in an amazing journey.

Born Sofía Fernández, she began her professional career at the age of 15 in the Panamanian jazz scene. Castell found in her stage name a way to honor the women in her family—representing her determination to make music using her voice as the main instrument and as a way to tell stories from her spontaneous but mysterious essence at the same time. Directed and motivated by the language of jazz, Castell defines herself as an artist who focuses on capturing the essence of her music and personality from the honesty of her feelings, taking creative risks, and constantly making changes in the structure of her songs. This approach has allowed her to develop her versatility, resulting in a unique sound that fits into dissonant perfection.

This new Latin pop star is preparing her first three-song EP in the Berklee College of Music studios with musicians and producers, set to be released this year.