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Atlantic Wharf
Waterfront Plaza, 290 Congress Street
United States

Introducing Samposium, a vibrant fusion of musical talent born in the heart of a college dormitory. Hailing from diverse corners of the world—Long Island, NY Japan, San Antonio, TX, Charlotte, NC, and Columbus, OH—the band seamlessly blends their individualism and dynamic energy, crafting an original and infectious sound that captivates anyone within earshot.

Formed organically in a Boston college dorm, Samposium's journey began as friends playing tunes together, evolving into a creative outlet for sharing their unique musical expressions with fellow sound enthusiasts. Their genre-defying style is a rich blend of rock, indie, pop, blues, funk, and soul, creating a sonic experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

What sets Samposium apart is not just their musical prowess but also their inclusive songwriting process, where each member contributes to draw out the best sound from the collective. This collaborative approach results in a diverse mood and sick grooves that resonate with a wide audience.