Laura Elliot

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Red Room at Cafe 939
939 Boylston Street
United States

Laura Elliott is a rising indie singer-songwriter from New York’s Hudson Valley. She began her musical journey at an early age and her heartfelt songs have made a major impact on her fans across generations. Elliot’s music and beautiful vocals explore the themes of love, loss, and melancholy; as well as the resulting strength of spirit that emerges from working through difficult times. Her debut album, People Pleaser has been described as, “not just an album but a journey of relationships, the ones we have with others and the ones we have with ourselves.”

Some of her collaborations include being featured on Lizzy McAlpine's LP Give Me A Minute, working with Cisco Swank, and Scary Pockets. Elliot has embraced new audiences and is well on her way to expanding her fanbase even further with her forthcoming EP, Car Sick.