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Atlantic Wharf
Waterfront Plaza, 290 Congress Street
United States

giAnna is a singer-songwriter and producer from New Jersey. Drawing from a tapestry of influence, her music and lyrical content reflect her eclectic tastes. Even her "silly little songs" are thought-provoking. Through her storytelling lyrics, she's able to express the themes of self-reflection, human existence, and estrangement within her music. Her music is a unique blend of soulful R&B vocals and harmonies combined with an indie pop/rock sound that is relatable across generations. As a child, giAnna spent much of her time gigging at various venues with her father, performing the classics we all know and love. As a result, she has always absorbed the music around her.

Inspired by the likes of PRONOUN, Theo Katzman, Slow Pulp, her Beatles-fan father, who downloaded all the Beatles albums into her iPod touch, and the countless hours spent singing little ditties into voice memos, giAnna’s music is a meld of all she has grown up to be. Like most artists, music has always been the only way for her to fully express herself. Her goal as an artist is to connect on a spiritual and emotional level with the listener: provoking thought, fostering inspiration, and instilling hope.