The Ensemble Department offers the largest selection of ensemble opportunities of any college in the world.

Designed to hone your essential performance skills and techniques, ensembles are offered in a wide variety of musical styles, sizes, and configurations.

Your first ensemble experience occurs during your first semester at Berklee and placement is based upon auditions held during your initial week at the college.

A Sampling of Ensembles

Here is just a brief list of some of the more than 350 ensembles in rehearsal throughout the year:

  • Jazz/Rock Ensemble
  • Scofield, Carlton, Ford Ensemble
  • The Berklee Wayne Shorter Ensemble
  • Country Music Ensemble
  • Latin Ensembles
  • The Berklee Yellowjackets Ensemble
  • Small Improvisation Ensemble
  • Contemporary Small Ensemble
  • The Berklee Horace Silver Ensemble
  • The Berklee Art Blakey Ensemble
  • The Berklee Thelonious Monk Ensemble
  • Contemporary Fusion Ensemble
  • Vocal Jazz Ensemble
  • The Jazz Composition Ensemble
  • Small Bebop Jazz Ensemble
  • Funk Bands
  • The Avant-Garde Ensemble
  • Country Music Ensemble
  • Musical Theater Orchestra
  • Gospel Choir

Watch students in Berklee's Dwele Ensemble perform together:

Ensemble Department Facilities and Resources

Ensemble rooms 
Ensemble rooms are equipped with all the necessary equipment for live performance: electric and acoustic piano, bass and guitar amps, drum set and percussion equipment, sound system and microphones, and a digital connection to the Berklee Learning Resource Network (BLRN).

For more information about the Ensemble Department, please call 617-747-2122.