Berklee Releases Darfur CD

Proceeds to Benefit Mercy Corps Relief Efforts
November 13, 2006

This article, orginally posted on September 19, 2006, has been updated.


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On October 3, Berklee will release We Are All Connected: Berklee College of Music Reaches Out to the Women of Darfur, a collection of r&b, soul, jazz, pop, world, and gospel songs written, performed, and produced by Berklee students, faculty, staff, and alumni to raise awareness of the plight of women and children affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan. The CD will be available through iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, eBay, and Newbury Comics. Proceeds from the sale of the CD will benefit the Mercy Corps Darfur Fund.

We Are All Connected is the culmination of a collaborative effort engaging many members of the Berklee community. Early in 2005, a delegation of Boston women, including Bright Horizons Chair Linda Mason, wife of Berklee president Roger Brown; award-winning TV journalist Liz Walker; and the Rev. Dr. Gloria E. White-Hammond, traveled to the Sudan with Mercy Corps to learn about the impact of the civil conflict on women and children of Darfur. They took with them two songs: "We Are All Connected" and "To The Sudanese Women" written and performed by Berklee students Andrea Whaley and Farah Siraj.

The songs, the result of a songwriting competition proposed by President Brown and initiated by Jack Perricone, chair of the songwriting department, were produced specifically for the trip and presented to the Darfurian women as a musical gift from their sisters a world away. The music was played for women in the refugee camps on a laptop—a device that many of them were seeing for the first time. Upon hearing the two songs, the Darfurian women leapt to their feet and began trilling and singing in jubilant musical response. That outpouring of emotion was recorded in the field and brought back to Berklee.

During the trip, the Boston delegation heard firsthand accounts of the violence that has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions to refugee camps, ripping families apart and leaving women and children homeless, hungry, cold, and in personal danger. Mason shared these stories with the Berklee Women's Network, inspiring the group to take action to produce a full-length CD—including the initial two songs—with the goal of raising awareness and funds.

Submissions for We Are All Connected were solicited through another songwriting competition open to Berklee students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The participants were encouraged to use the field recordings of the Sudanese women as inspiration, and their voices can be heard throughout the CD. More than 40 songs were submitted for consideration. From that rich pool of talent, 18 songs were selected by a committee that included Mason, Perricone, Berklee Chief of Staff Carl Beatty, professors Leanne Ungar and Karen Wacks, staff members Shannon Kim and Lynette Gittens, Melinda Weekes of My Sister's Keeper, and Laura Guimond of Mercy Corps.

The Berklee community mobilized not only for the songwriting, but also for the recording and production of the CD. Music production and engineering Professor Ungar lent her talents and considerable time to executive produce the CD. Other faculty members served as mentors and producers for student compositions, which were recorded in Berklee studios, other professional studios, and homes across Massachusetts. Guest artists appearing on the compilation include Meshell Ndegeocello, Abe Laboriel, Sr., Vinnie Colaiuta, and Jamey Haddad.

Songs from We Are All Connected have been performed at Berklee's commencement ceremony, on the TV show Sunday With Liz Walker, and for tens of thousands at Save Darfur Now rallies in New York and Washington, D.C. In Washington, singer Patti Austin joined the group onstage for a performance of "We Are All Connected" that was broadcast on C-SPAN.

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A Letter From Neal Keny-Guyer, CEO, Mercy Corps


  Neal Keny-Guyer, CEO, Mercy Corps
Photo by Steve Harmon for Mercy Corps

Dear friend:


People often ask me what they—as good-hearted citizens and caring folks—can do to help ease suffering in the world's most difficult places.

And what I always answer, because it's true whatever your walk of life, is this:

Get educated, and then get active.

To me, these are greatest acts of compassion we can make toward people who are working to overcome near-impossible odds, whether they face oppression, chronic poverty, or the devastation of a natural disaster.

In buying this CD, you are both getting educated and getting active. We Are All Connected offers, through music, a compelling lesson on the struggles of people living in Darfur and at the same time allows you to contribute to the effort to mitigate that suffering.

I want to thank Berklee president Roger Brown and his wife Linda Mason for their leadership on this album. They are longtime friends and supporters both of Sudan—where they served together as aid workers in the 1980s—and of Mercy Corps, where Linda is a member of the board of directors. They have done a phenomenal job of harnessing the creative assets of the entire Berklee community for the benefit of the women of Darfur, and we at Mercy Corps are deeply grateful for their efforts.

Mostly, I want to thank you—the customer-activist—for buying this CD. Not only are you in for some inspiring music, but you are getting educated and getting active on behalf of people who desperately need your support. And that, to my mind, is a wonderful way to heed Gandhi's call to "be the change you wish to see in the world."

Many thanks,

Neal Keny-Guyer
CEO, Mercy Corps

For more information about Mercy Corps' work in Darfur and around the world, please visit









Love Myself Instead (4:15)
Written by Abria Smith  
Composed by Arielle Hayes, Jesse Hayes, Abria Smith  
Spoken Word and Backing Vocals Abria Smith  
All Other Vocals Arielle Hayes  
The Hawthorne String Quartet    
Cello Sato Knudsen  
Viola Mark Ludwig  
Violin Si-Jing Huang, Ronan Lefkowitz  
Drums David Cowan  
Bass Jesse Hayes  
Rhodes Piano Oli Rockberger  
Percussion Jeanine Cowen  
Vocal Arrangement by Arielle Hayes and Abria Smith  
String Arrangement by Arielle Hayes and Jesse Hayes  
Produced by Jeanine Cowen  
Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Jeanine Cowen and Leanne Ungar at Berklee College of Music Studio A and Fleece-Tone Studios  
Assistant Engineers Malia Cassity-Wakefield, Andy Filmore, Erh-Chuan Lai, Josh Mosser, Carlin Muccular, Rob Sanchez, Mike Zolfo  
Additional Engineering by Pamela Harght  
Production Assistance by Scott Guthrie  
Assistant Engineer and Music Copyist Jorge Velasco  
Additional Programming by Rocco Moschetta  



Breath (5:39)
Written by Simon Emmerson, Myrdhin, and Carole Rowley  
Lead and Backing Vocals Carole Rowley  
Drums Philippe Leroux  
Drum Programming Simon Emmerson  
Bass Bernard Paganotti  
Talking Drums Masamba Diop  
Guitars Simon Emmerson  
Massai and Nyatiti Chant Ayub Ogada  
Lingala Choir Pascal Lo Kua-Lanza, Myriam Betty, Julia Penere Sarr, Didi Ekukuan  
Produced by Carole Rowley and Simon Emmerson  
Recorded by Martin Russell at Sonic Innovation, London  
Mixed by Carl Beatty at Blue Jay Recording Studio, LLC  
Mix Assistance by Giles Christenson  
Courtesy of Carole Rowley Music  
Publishing Carole Rowley Music/RealWorld Music  
Executive Producer David Braun for David Braun Productions  



Home (3:54)
Written and Composed by Gunter Schroder  
Vocals and Arrangement Chantel Hampton  
Keyboards and Programming LeRoix Hampton III  
Bass Winston Maccow  
Guitar Kevin Berry  
Soprano Saxophone Walter Beasley  
Produced by LeRoix Hampton III and Winston Maccow  
Mixed by Leanne Ungar at Berklee College of Music Synthesis Studio B  
Additional Mixing by Ian Kagey in Synthesis Studio C  
Walter Beasley appears courtesy of Heads Up International Records.  



Mother Daughter Sister Friend; A Call From Ocean to Ocean (4:57)
Written and Composed by Lisa Thorson  
Spoken Word by Lee Moretti  
"Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend"
originally recorded for Resonance (GM Recordings)
Executive Producer Gunther Schuller  
Produced by Lisa Thorson and George Schuller  
Associate Producer Luciana Souza  
Recorded at PBS Studios  
Engineer Peter Kontrimas  
Artists on Original:    
Vocals Lisa Thorson  
Piano Tim Ray  
Bass David Clark  
Drums George Schuller  
Additions to the original include:  
Spoken Word Lee Moretti  
Drums and Percussion Joe Galeota  
Recorded and Mixed at Berklee College of Music Studios  
Engineered by Sam Giannelli  
Assistant Engineer Pam Harght  
Produced by Winston Maccow and Lisa Thorson  



Hope for the Stars (4:54)
Written and Composed by Juliet Lloyd  
Acoustic Piano and Vocals Juliet Lloyd  
Drums Daniel Graham  
Bass Rob Massoud  
Electric Piano Ian Walsh  
Guitars and Synthesizers Marty Walsh  
Soprano Saxophone Solo Michael Brooks  
Percussion Marcelo Woloski  
Backing Vocals Gina Cimmelli, Sean Glass, Janae Jones, Koriana Lewis, Meghan Stabile, Leonard Washington  
Arranged and Produced by Marty Walsh  
Recorded at Berklee College of Music and The Shed Recording Studio  
Engineered by Leanne Ungar  
Additional Engineering by Dante Fazio, Santiago Mocorrea, Marty Walsh  
Assistant Engineers Hyun Kim, Evan Krometis, Erh-Chuan Lai, Jason Latham, Rob Massoud, Chuck Sokol  
Mixed by Leanne Ungar at Blue Jay Recording Studio, LLC and Marty Walsh at The Shed  
Mix Assistance by Giles Christenson  



We Shall Heal (5:10)
Written and Composed by Marian Wilson  
Vocals Kristin Cifelli, Lynette Gittens, Danielle Scott, Marian Wilson  
Chorus Vocals PALS Children's Chorus, directed by Jody Simpson  
Bass Meshell Ndegeocello  
Electric Guitar David Fiuczynski  
Percussion Jamie Haddad  
Celtic Harp Maeve Gilchrist  
Percussion Evan Anderson, Jeremy Lucas, Guy Ulrich  
Produced by Stephen Webber  
Recorded and Mixed by Mark Wessel at Blue Jay Recording Studio, LLC  
Programming/Editing Jason Petrin  
Additional Engineering Frank Charlton, Jason Petrin, Stephen Webber  
Assistant Engineers Kei Aizawa, Kyle Hurlbut, Steve Nichols, Ted Pennington, Brian Zarlenga  
Mix Assistance by Giles Christenson  



Side By Side (2:30)
Written and Composed by Michael Conrad  
Vocals and Translation by Carol Souki  
Programmed, Recorded, and Mixed by Michael Conrad in Garageband  
Lyrics in English "Sing with me, stand with me, so that we can create world peace."  



The Women of Darfur (3:51)
Written, Composed, and Arranged by Dave Weigert  
Lead Vocals Jordon Felisbret and Gigi Abraham  
Vocal Choir Nadjya Maccow (additional vocal arranging), Jordon Felisbret, Lynette Gittens, Rashad McPherson, Ron Reid, Raynoldo Rumph, Tremayne Youmans  
Drums Vinnie Colaiuta  
Bass Abraham Laboriel, Sr.  
Synthesizers (Motif 8) Jetro Da Silva  
Acoustic and Electric Guitars Marty Walsh  
Electric Guitar Casper Gyldensoe  
Marimba Natalie Dietrich  
Produced by Rob Jaczko and Dave Weigert  
Engineered and Mixed by Rob Jaczko at Blue Jay Recording Studio, LLC  
Additional Engineering Martin Cooke, Travis Ference, Charlotte Moore, Nathan Rosborough, Josh Taylor  



Deep in My Soul (5:19)
Written and Composed by Mika Young and Michael Valentine  
Lead Vocals and Background Vocals Mika Young  
Keyboards and Programming LeRoix Hampton III  
Additional Vocals Nadjya Maccow  
Drums Kevin Camp  
Guitar Marty Walsh  
Vocal Arrangement by Mika Young and Chantel Hampton  
Produced, Arranged, and Engineered by LeRoix Hampton III for Atlantic Boss Entertainment (ABE)  
Coproduced by Chantel Hampton for ABE  
Mixing Kenney Lewis for Mixed Emotions Music  



Al Tareeq ila Furawiya (5:42)
Written and Composed by Danny Patterson  
Produced by Stephen Croes and Danny Patterson  
Mixed by Danny Patterson and Eric Peterson at Berklee College of Music Studio L3  



To the Sudanese Women (5:30)
Written and Composed by Farah Siraj  
Vocals Farah Siraj  
Oud, Dumbek, Electric Bass Walid Zairi  
Vocals, Flamenco Guitar, Hand Claps Guc Gulle  
Produced by Jack Perricone  
Recorded and Mixed by Tony Porter at Blink Music  
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering  



Why (3:56)
Written and Composed by Magda Giannikou  
Lead Vocals, Marimba, Glockenspiel Magda Giannikou  
Electric Bass Andres Rotmistrovsky  
Drums Zach Mangan  
Percussion Jamey Haddad, Marcelo Wolosky  
Nylon String Guitar Julian Midon  
Acoustic Guitar Ricardo Vogt  
Celtic Harp Maeve Gilchrist  
Violin Tomoko Omura  
Background Vocals Eleonora Bianchini  
Background Vocals, Trumpet Leala Cyr  
Accordion Thiago Amorim  
Flute Anastasia Zachariadou  
Children's Voices Melina Anastasopoulou, Amanda Stefatou, Anna-Rose Stefatou  
Produced by Alain Mallet  
Recorded by Mark Wessel at Mix One Studios  
Mixed by Mark Wessel at Silvertone Studios  
Additional Engineering by Jeremy Loucas and Josh Mosser  
Assistant Engineer Nathan Rosborough  



Tell Me Your Name (3:56)
Written and Composed by Damien Bracken  
Vocals, Piano, Keyboards Damien Bracken  
Lead and Rhythm Guitar Bryan Baker  
Lead Guitar, Mandolin Jim Kelly  
Bass Danny Morris  
Drums Larry Finn  
Produced by Lauren Passarelli and Leanne Ungar  
Recorded and Mixed by Leanne Ungar at Berklee College of Music Studios  
Assistant Engineers Evan Krometis, Rob Massoud  



Home to Darfur (5:19)
Written and Composed by Sun5  
Vocals Thomas Kivlan  
Drums Jason Kenyon  
Guitar Yohei Nakamura  
Bass Tim Paul Weiner  
Piano Jetro da Silva  
Hammond B3 Organ Tim Butterworth  
Choral Director Dennis Montgomery III  
Choir Adriel Bowman, Kyisha Cann, Joy Daniels, Cassie Griffith, Carrie Ivey, Evan Jackson, Jaclyn Joyce, Alexis Juliard, Gina Lovett, Tina Mateo, Siobhan McNear, Rashad McPherson, Raynoldo Rumph, Edden Spencer, Kaitlin Thomure, Jessica Tonder, Tremayne Youmons  
Produced by Jeff Largent, Richard Mendelson, and Sun5  
Recording and Mixed by Richard Mendelson at Berklee College of Music Studio A and Reach Studio  
Assistant Engineers Jonathan Altschuler, Ariosto Arata Llona, Aaron Benson, Lucas Carvalho, Martin Cooke, Nicolas Essig, David Kay, Theodore MacInnes, John Merriam, Mor Mezrich, Kent Moore, Michael Nesci, Paul Rubinstein Sabah, Corey Schrepple, Michael Szulk, Paul Vitolins  



Where the White Nile and the Blue Nile Meet (4:18)
Written and Composed by Susan Cattaneo  
Lead Vocals Susan Cattaneo  
Background Vocals Kristin Cifelli, Scarlet Keys  
Drums David Cowan  
Bass Danny Morris  
Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel Bob Metzger  
Acoustic Guitar, Banjo Stephen Webber  
Leslie Guitar Bobby Lee Rodgers  
Produced by Susan Cattaneo, Tomo Fujita, Leanne Ungar, Stephen Webber, and Mark Wessel  
Recorded by Stefan Colson at Wellspring Studios  
Additional Recording by Jason Petrin, Leanne Ungar, and Mark Wessel at Blue Jay Recording Studio, LLC  
Mixed by Leanne Ungar at Studio Metronome  



Child's Play (2:14)
Written and Composed by Roman Kovalik  
Produced by Roman Kovalik  
Edited by Corey Schreppel, Leanne Ungar  
Mixed by Leanne Ungar at Berklee College of Music Synthesis Studio C  
Includes a sample of Sudanese children singing a traditional children's song about a cat chasing its tail.  



Cross the Ocean (4:50)
Written by Saira George  
Composed by Christy Mathew  
Lead Vocals Christy Mathew  
Background Vocals Christy Mathew, Farah Siraj  
Percussion Jamey Haddad, Matt Kilmer  
Programming Christy Mathew  
Additional Participants Jorge Costa, Sophia Kakoulidou, Richard Mendelson  
Produced by Mitch Benoff and Christy Mathew  
Mixed by Leanne Ungar and Mark Wessel at Berklee College of Music Synth Studio C  
Engineered by Adam Brozik, Frank Church, Martin Cook, Rob Harkness, Jorge Velasco, Aubrey Webber  



We Are All Connected (3:28)
Written and Composed by Andrea Whaley  
Lead Vocals Nadia Halliburton, Andrea Whaley, and Nicole Whitehead  
Background Vocals Overjoyed  
Cello Larrisa Maestro-Scherer  
Piano, Organ Dennis Montgomery III  
Electric Bass Michael Farquharson  
Drums Yoron Israel  
Produced and Arranged by Jack Perricone  
Recorded and Mixed by Tony Porter at Blink Music