Anti-Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention

Berklee Student Allies in Anti-Violence Education (SAAVE) is a community of students seeking a foundational body of knowledge and skills to reduce and prevent the impact of sexual misconduct and gender-based harm. Equipped with a dynamic understanding of related issues, students feel empowered to create a safer and more inclusive environment at Berklee and beyond. Berklee SAAVE strives to be a safe space in which all narratives and communities are celebrated. Members are expected to respect and support one another, and are encouraged to challenge each other in pursuit of growth, individually and collectively.

Berklee SAAVE membership is open to all Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee students, and involves participating in weekly meetings. Members receive training on topics pertinent to the eradication and prevention of sexual misconduct and gender-based harm. In addition to learning about about these topics, SAAVE takes an active role in educating the community through outreach and programming. 

For more information about joining SAAVE or to partner with us on an event, email Una McStay, student chair, or Kate Richey, staff advisor. We encourage you to check back throughout the year to find out about our events.

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