Gear and Supplies

With thousands of musicians at Berklee, it's no surprise that a diversity of music-related businesses has grown around the college, creating a strong support community to meet the musical needs of our faculty and students.

The Berklee Bookstore
You'll find course materials, required reading, workbooks, sheet music, and computer software; your basic supplies, like pens, notation paper, reeds and strings; and sweatshirts, caps, T-shirts, notecards, and bumper stickers at the Berklee Bookstore. The bookstore is one of the few places in the city where you can find and order a full range of music-related publications, including many that are published through the college's Berklee Press and written by past and current faculty members.

Be sure to take a look at the Berklee Bookstore website to learn more about the store's offerings and to make purchases online.

Local Music Stores

Close to Berklee are a number of music equipment suppliers like Rayburn Musical Instruments, Guitar Center, and M. Steinert & Sons, where you can buy musical supplies, audio equipment, and/or new or used equipment and instruments. Beyond the Berklee area are a number of stores dealing in guitar and bass, keyboard, percussion, string, brass, and wind instruments and related supplies.

There are also music retailers like Newbury Comics, In Your Ear, Nuggets, and Barnes & Noble

Berklee Computer Store
Berklee operates a "virtual" Apple computer store, an online store that offers discounted prices to current students, faculty, and staff. Access to the virtual store is through, and is limited to members of the Berklee community. For more information, see the Computer Requirements/Information area of the site, or contact the Student Computer Support Center (SCSC) at 617 747-8800.