Priorities: What Your Soundbreaking Contribution to Berklee Supports

Berklee music therapy students in percussion class

No matter the amount, your contribution to Berklee’s Soundbreaking campaign will make a major impact. Half of the campaign's target goal—or $50 million—will be allocated towards scholarship programs, enabling extraordinary musicians from all over the world to study at Berklee, where they will work to make their dreams come true. These scholarships are designed to attract and retain deserving students by reducing financial barriers and rewarding exceptional talent. Scholarship funds, as well as the other $50 million to be raised, will be distributed to address the campaign’s three main priorities:

Berklee Soundbreaking Campaign: Contributions Support Scholarships and Much More

  • Create a global laboratory for musical discovery and artistry. The journey toward the music of tomorrow begins here, fueled by creative collisions between brilliant faculty and talented students. Through our music institutes and online offerings, our growing global presence, and new facilities in Boston and Valencia, Spain, Berklee remains at the vanguard of music education.
  • Promote the power of music to change people’s lives for the better. We teach our students to use their artistry to inspire individuals and strengthen communities. Through initiatives such as Berklee City Music, Amp Up NYC, and PULSE, Berklee brings music instruction to urban schoolchildren; through our music therapy program, we promote the healing power of music.
  • Transform the current model of higher education. Spiraling costs make higher education increasingly difficult for many talented young musicians; those who graduate often find themselves burdened with debt. Through a range of strategies—including scholarships, online education, and articulation agreements—Berklee is opening doors and toppling barriers.

The Berklee Fund, which provides essential financial support for student scholarships, faculty retention, procurement of equipment and technology, and performances and special events, is an important component of the Soundbreaking campaign. Donors who prefer giving to Berklee’s annual fund can be assured that their gifts will be put to immediate use and that their contributions are instrumental in helping us reach our campaign goals. For more information about the Berklee Fund, contact Marissa Finer at 617-747-2450 or