SOMOS Latinx Leadership Team

Executive Leadership

Portrait of Christopher Kandus-Fisher

Christopher M. Kandus-Fisher, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Success

Portrait of Ron Savage

Ron Savage
Vice President and Executive Director, Berklee

Leadership Team

Portrait of Allison Lara

Allison Lara
Director of Counseling Center

Portrait of Gaby Cotter

Gaby Cotter
Voice Instructor, Voice Department

Portrait of Gilson Schachnik

Gilson Schachnik
Chair, Ear Training Department

Portrait of Jose Soto

Jose Soto
Assistant Professor, Ear Training Department

Portrait of Karen Bell

Karen Bell
Associate Dean, Professional Performance Division

Portrait of Natara Gray

Natara Gray
Assistant Dean, Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment

Portrait of Oscar Stagnaro

Oscar Stagnaro
Professor, Bass Department

Portrait of Roberto Arruda

Roberto Arruda
Director of International Student Services and Study Abroad

Portrait of Scott Trach

Scott Trach
Associate Dean, Student Success Programs

Portrait of Ty-Juana Flores

Ty-Juana L. Flores
Director, Identity-Based Programs