Learning to Walk the Talk: Latinx Beyond Labels

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Event Dates
161 Mass Ave, 2nd Floor, Room 240

SOMOS Latinx invites students from various backgrounds to share their unique perspectives on navigating and connecting with multiple cultures within the Latinx community. 

Led and moderated by Mariana Paes, senior advisor and project manager for DEI, Community, and Campus Culture and Climate, the panel will also feature students: Ada Ponder, BSI Ambassador, Giovanna Khair, founder of Brazil at Berklee student-run club and the SOMOS Fall 2023 class members: Jazmin McKellar-PeatMiguel Isaias Morales Lavado, and Oliver Mann.

Topics for discussion include but are not limited to what it means to be Latino at Berklee, whether you are Brazilian, Afro-Latinx, South and Central American, or born in a Latino family in the US—all accompanied by a delightful selection of typical Latin snacks!

This session is limited to 25 participants. To secure your spot, pre-register by clicking the link below:


*This event is exclusive to students registered in the SOMOS Latinx Program.