Rob Rose

Retired Berklee Executive Officer; Vice President for Special Programs
Class of 

Rob Rose '72 is the vice president for special programs at Berklee, where he serves as the director of the Five-Week Summer Performance Program, director of the Stage Performance Workshop, and creator and developer of numerous courses, concerts, and events at Berklee. He also serves as producer of the Beantown Jazz Festival and Berklee High School Jazz Festival. He has worked as a composer, arranger, and audio engineer with a variety of top artists such as Diana Ross, Air Supply, Livingston Taylor, and the Four Tops. Rose has produced more than 25 albums of various genres including jazz, rock, and contemporary Christian music as well as produced, arranged, and written radio and television commercials for clients including Fleet Bank, Grossman’s, Talbots, WBZ, and WHDH. He plays saxophone, flute, electric bass, and keyboards. His movie credits include Ted 2 (saxophone) featuring Mark Wahlberg.