Patricia Casale

Vice President (retired), AOL Time Warner

Before her professional retirement in 2002, Pat Casale was engaged in a position of business leadership during a period of time that fundamentally reshaped global media content, information dissemination, and marketing communications.

A veteran marketing and communications executive, Casale began her 25-year career in international marketing and advertising, commuting around the world from her home base in Boston. In the mid-1990s, Casale joined the relatively unknown company America Online, based in Virginia. As vice president of advertising sales, strategy, and planning, Casale helped to reshape AOL from a one-dimensional paid subscription service into a major advertising force in mass media. With the merger of AOL and Time Warner, Casale had oversight for the company's Global Marketing Solutions Ad Strategy Group in New York, collaborating with major Fortune 100 firms.

Prior to joining AOL, Casale held a number of executive positions during her 15-year tenure at Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Boston's largest advertising agency. At Hill, Holliday, Casale served as executive vice president, account services, with specific, personal responsibility for many of the agency's largest clients; director of creative services; and, earlier in her career at Hill, Holliday, vice president and media director.

Casale and her husband, Gary Gut, reside in Boston's Back Bay. Their son, Zachary, graduated from Georgetown University. Casale served on the Dean's Board of Advisors at Georgetown University. She also privately and frustratingly pursues her lifelong love affair with jazz piano. The collaboration of music and education and helping Berklee realize its potential are what made joining this board exciting for her.