David Mash

Retired: Berklee Executive Officer; Senior Vice President for Innovation, Strategy, and Technology
David Mash is senior vice president for innovation, strategy, and technology at Berklee. In previous roles at Berklee, Mash was the founding chair of the Music Synthesis Department (today known as Electronic Production and Design); Berklee’s assistant dean of curriculum for academic technology; vice president for information technology; and vice president for technology and education outreach.
As a leading authority on music technology and education, Mash has been featured on national and international media broadcasts such as 3-2-1-Contact, Newton's Apple, World Monitor, CBS Evening News, All Things Considered, and Voice of America. He has collaborated on product development with leaders in the multimedia and music industries such as Adobe, Avid, Roland, and Korg and many manufacturers of music technology products. Rolling Stone magazine has called Mash "the industry's leading evangelist for the marriage of music and technology." In 1997, he was named an AppleMaster by Apple Computer for his contributions to the fields of music, technology, and education.