Student Employment

Berklee's student employment program can help you get started on a path to a successful career.

We aim to provide students with:

  • Opportunities to get career-related experience. Students work as studio assistants, music tutors, stage crew, and accompanists.
  • Networking opportunities. Through your student employment position, you will get to meet students, faculty, and staff from all across the college.
  • Preparation for internships. Working on campus can help you obtain the skills you need to get a top-notch internship placement.
  • Spending money. You'll be paid biweekly for on-campus work.

Quick Facts:

  • You can work during your first semester at Berklee.
  • International students can work at Berklee but will need to obtain a U.S. social security card. Our office will you assist you in the process.
  • Students can work up to 15 hours per week when classes are in session at an average wage of approximately $11 per hour.
  • You will compete with other students for job openings through our office.

The Student Employment team hosts a general meeting during new student orientation. We begin taking appointments with new students during the first week of classes. To learn more, please visit the Student Employment website.

For more information, email or call 617-747-2687.

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