INSIDE BERKLEE COURSES: Online and Blended Courses

Take an online or blended course on Inside Berklee Courses this semester! 

Add new dimension and flexibility to your studies at Berklee with an online or blended course. 

What is an online or blended course? 

  • In fully ONLINE COURSES, all of the course content is delivered online and through online reading, video instruction, audio listening activities, hands-on activities, online class discussions, and textbook readings, as directed by your instructor. Though the class does not meet in person, an active and involved professor will be present to provide feedback on all of your work. Some online courses have one or more in-person meetings or exams during the semester. If that applies to your class, your instructor will post information about that in the Faculty Announcements forum. 
  • In BLENDED COURSES, about half of the course instruction happens in person, and the other half occurs online at your Inside Berklee Courses course site. The online portion often replaces the in-class “lecture,” so that classroom time can be used for interactive projects, discussions, and other hands-on activities. The in-person meeting time and location will be listed on your academic schedule.

How much work will it be? 

An online or blended course will require just as much time and effort as an equivalent in-person class—and you’ll learn just as much—but with learning technologies that you wouldn't necessarily get in a classroom. That may include custom video, audio, graphics, and more. 

How will I access my class?

Log in to Inside Berklee Courses ( with the same username and password that you use for your Berklee email account. Your online or blended course will appear on your course list at Inside Berklee Courses a few days before the start of the semester. For more information, visit the Using Inside Berklee Courses page at

Once you’ve logged into Inside Berklee Courses, click on the title of your online or blended course to enter. Begin by reading all of the Getting Started material, then move on to Lesson 1, starting with the Introduction page. Proceed through the lesson by clicking on the blue and yellow arrow at the top right of every page. Be sure to complete all assignments by the posted due date. Your instructor will provide feedback on assignments that you post. 

Why take an online or blended course? 

  • They’re exclusive. Berklee develops its online and blended courses exclusively for Berklee students. 
  • They’re instructor-led. Our online and blended courses are written and taught by Berklee faculty. Instructor-led means that a faculty person is as active in the class as you are, reading your posts, providing feedback on your assignments, and answering your questions. 
  • They’re freeing. Online and blended courses allow you to study from almost anywhere on the planet, whether you’re trying to balance a heavy course load on campus, at home for the summer, doing an internship in LA, or on tour with your band. “Blended” courses, which occur partly online and partly on campus, allow you to study the material at your own pace, and then meet in class for discussion and review. 
  • They’re all about you. Online courses are a great option for students who are “self-starters” or who like more control over when, where, and how they learn. 
  • They’re flexible. Taking an online or blended course may help you get into classes that otherwise don’t fit your schedule. Taking online or blended will reduce your number of class meetings and make it easier to build your calendar for the semester.
  • They’re always “on.” You can access the course and its reference materials any time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

How do I find what online or blended courses are offered this semester? 

The words “online” or “blended” appear in the course name. Online courses have a “W” in the course section number, and blended courses have a “B.” 

Here are the undergraduate online and blended courses on tap for spring 2016:

Blended Courses

Keyboard Lab - Smart Reading - Blended
ILPN-P101- B001 PIANO  James R. Ramsay

Basic Keyboard Techniques 1 - Blended
ISKB-211-B001  PIANO  Dennis A. Cecere
ISKB-211-B002  PIANO  Marc W. Rossi
ISKB-211-B003  PIANO  Jennifer Elowsky-Fox
ISKB-211-B004  PIANO  Marc W. Rossi
ISKB-211-B005  PIANO  Moira Lo Bianco
ISKB-211-B006  PIANO  Hey R. Jeon
ISKB-211-B007  PIANO  John Funkhouser
ISKB-211-B008  PIANO  Jennifer Elowsky-Fox
ISKB-211-B009  PIANO  Fernando Michelin
ISKB-211-B010  PIANO  John J. Mulroy
ISKB-211-B011  PIANO  Suzanne Davis
ISKB-211-B012  PIANO  Fernando Michelin
ISKB-211-B013  PIANO  John J. Mulroy
ISKB-211-B014  PIANO  Gregory C. Waradzin
ISKB-211-B015  PIANO  Jason K. Yeager
ISKB-211-B016  PIANO  Robert R. Christopherson
ISKB-211-B018  PIANO  Suzanna M. Sifter
ISKB-211-B019  PIANO  Suzanna M. Sifter
ISKB-211-B020  PIANO  Suzanna M. Sifter

Basic Keyboard Techniques 2 - Blended

ISKB-212-B001  PIANO  James R. Ramsay
ISKB-212-B002  PIANO  Marc W. Rossi
ISKB-212-B003  PIANO  James R. Ramsay
ISKB-212-B004  PIANO  Hey R. Jeon
ISKB-212-B005  PIANO  Fernando Michelin
ISKB-212-B006  PIANO  John J. Mulroy
ISKB-212-B007  PIANO  Alizon J. Lissance
ISKB-212-B008  PIANO  Suzanne Davis
ISKB-212-B009  PIANO  Gregory C. Waradzin
ISKB-212-B010  PIANO  John J. Mulroy
ISKB-212-B011  PIANO  Jason K. Yeager
ISKB-212-B012  PIANO  Jonathan W. Singleton
ISKB-212-B013  PIANO  Suzanna M. Sifter
ISKB-212-B014  PIANO  Suzanna M. Sifter
ISKB-212-B015  PIANO  Maxim F. Lubarsky 

Architectural Acoustics - Blended
LMSC-209-B001  LART Eric L. Reuter
LMSC-209-B002  LART Eric L. Reuter

Critical Listening Lab - Blended
MP-214-B001  MPE  Michael J. Denneen

MP-214-B002  MPE  Jonathan A. Wyner
MP-214-B003  MPE  Daniel C. Cantor
MP-214-B004  MPE  Daniel C. Cantor
MP-214-B005  MPE  Mark F. Wessel

Introduction to Music Technology - Blended
MTEC-111-B1A  ELPD  Christopher R. Noyes
MTEC-111-B1B  ELPD  Stefani Langol
MTEC-111-B3A  ELPD  Christopher R. Noyes
MTEC-111-B3B  ELPD  Michael J. Johnson
MTEC-111-B3C  ELPD  Christopher R. Noyes


Online Courses

Groove Writing - Online
CW-171-W001  CWP  Gerald E. Gates

Keyboard Fundamentals - Online
ISKB-P111-W001  PIANO  Jane M. Potter
ISKB-P111-W002  PIANO  James R. Ramsay
ISKB-P111-W003  PIANO  Alizon J. Lissance

Themes and Variations in Western Art - Online
LAHS-233-W001  LART  Ross M. Bresler

Architectural Acoustics - Online
LMSC-209-W001  LART  Eric L. Reuter

History of Rock Music - Online
MHIS-322-W001  LART  Wayne G. Marshall
MHIS-322-W002  LART  Wayne G. Marshall

Critical Listening for Musicians - Online
MP-114-W001  MPE  Sean P. McLaughlin
MP-114-W002  MPE  Sean P. McLaughlin
MP-114-W003  MPE  TBD
MP-114-W004  MPE  TBD

Production Analysis Lab for Musicians  - Online
MP-115-W001  MPE  Anthony P. Carbone
MP-115-W002  MPE  Michael J. Denneen
MP-115-W003  MPE  Sean P. McLaughlin
MP-115-W004  MPE  TBD

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Is online or blended learning a good choice for me? 

Online and blended courses are perfect for you if you need a little more flexibility in your calendar. They’re also great if you learn best by “doing” and have the self-discipline to organize your own schedule to explore a different way to learn. Online or blended study is also helpful for those who need a little more time to absorb information—for example, if you tend to “zone out” in lectures, or if English is not your first language. In an online or blended course, you go at your own pace. You can read and re-read the content and watch videos as many times as you need. 

Take this quiz to see if online learning is right for you.