VIDEO: Student Composer and Pianist Yakir Arbib

Mike Keefe-Feldman
May 10, 2013

Berklee student composer and pianist Yakir Arbib recently composed a piece for the Kennedy Center. In this video, he performs the piece while it was being developed and discusses how Berklee has helped to give shape to his creative abilities. Berklee, he says, teaches “how to concretize what you have inside you and bring it out in a way that’s, at least in an illusion, tangible.”

Born in Jerusalem, Arbib says, “Those visions of music that I have inside of me come at unexpected times and they oblige me to enter into a state of focus which allows me to see…a landscape of color and visions that later I transcribe into musical notes.” This ensemble improvisation featuring Arbib was recorded live at the David Friend Recital Hall.